Resurrection may be a word that is too strong for this situation. The podcast was never really dead. While not generating new content, people continued to download episodes and listen to them. So while it rests it is still sought as a source. Maybe it’s more like coming out of hibernation.

Sometimes I feel like I need to explain why I took a break from creating new content. I imagine someone, somewhere actually caring that I made, what felt like, the move of the century which upheaved the standard operating procedure of my life and sucked me dry of every bit of energy I could muster just to get by daily; or that it took me 5 months to get my home computer setup and an additional 3 days to get all of the Windows updates completed. There were probably other things that happened that prevented me from working on the podcast, but it doesn’t really matter, because someone(s), somewhere(s) is still downloading what I created over a year ago to listen to what my guests and I have to say and that’s pretty cool.

It’s also very cool that I have friends that have said to me, “Hey when are you going to do a new podcast?” Or, “We should do a new podcast soon about the TV shows coming out again this year.” Hearing these things have encouraged me to think about what I want this to be. I anticipate writing more blogs that may or may not be tied to a specific podcast so be sure to subscribe to updates (hint, hint) of this blog. I anticipate reaching out to a larger spread of friends and acquaintances to learn about how they feel about specific parts of life; securing a place where we can all share our thoughts and feelings and take on the world and share our stories. I want to move the idea from being an educational podcast with solely interviews to being more of an aural art piece for listeners. Some topics will likely be more serious than others. More music will be incorporated to the conversations along with different genres of aural art forms. I’m also toying with the idea of introducing an alter ego to the podcast (doesn’t that sound exciting?), which will hopefully add another layer to the experience.

Thank you for being patient, encouraging and excited. I, too, am now excited to explore the next stage of The Lazy Learner.