Spider Mann, host of The Overheard Podcast, and my inspiration to begin this artistic venture, joins me on my patio for the first installment of The Lazy Learner podcast.  We discuss the do’s and don’ts of podcasting, why someone would want and how they change their name to Spider N Mann, and what makes him do what he does with his podcast. For those of you that are familiar with Spider’s talking, you will be surprised he does not swear one bit in this whole episode! It’s a miracle… or something like that.

Click here to stream the podcast or down load the MP3.

Enjoy the first episode and stay tuned to find out more about the next topics for you to learn about!


The Lazy Learner Art

I’m OBVIOUSLY an amazing artist with my fancy stick figures and all. I won’t lie, I also utilized Paint (the most awesome image editing software ever) to make it look even nicer.

Ok, ok, I know it’s not amazing, but that’s not the point of this whole project. I do not intended any of this to be amazing or even the best podcast ever in the history of the world. But I have reasons for doing this project. Here are the main two.

The first, and most important reason, is for me to do something artistic in nature that feeds my many passions and interests and helps me grow my relationships. I sit at a computer all day in a cube, but with an amazing view, so I won’t complain about the cube. While I like my job and love my co-workers, the job doesn’t lend itself to a great depth of creativity artistically. I wanted to do something I have never done before that was artistic and required me to think and create in a new way I have never explored.

The second reason is a little less obvious; in my much earlier years in life, and even sometimes still, I am a perfectionist. I refused to do something unless I knew I could do it perfectly and be outrageously successful. As I’ve grown older (sad face) and wiser (questionable pensive face), I have learned that being DONE is better than not doing at all. I’m using this venture to practice and learn how to set small, attainable goals, or do-ables to complete a project with out it feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of perfection.

I had a goal of having some kind of art before releasing my first podcast. So, here it is. While it’s not perfect, it’s not amazing, it’s not a colorful graphic that blows you away, it’s done and I have attained my goal of getting my art done before my first podcast release.

It’s very exciting and I really cannot wait to share the garden of my mind with everyone! If that makes no sense to you please visit my About page!

During this first episode, which is really just a practice episode to figure out how all of this works, my friend, Danelle, and I test out the recorder on my cell phone to see if it will be sufficient. We talk while making necklaces and end up discussing Shrinky Dinks. There may be a weird laugh from me in the middle. I also said “I never did anything fun growing up.” That’s not true.

Follow this link to listen to the podcast or download the MP3.

Here is the link to Shrinky Dinks. I’m still not 100% positive how it all works, maybe that will be another episode.

Here is a picture of the necklace I made on the left and Danelle’s necklace on the right. They were really easy to make. Instructions can be found here.







Blog Note: I have had to edit this blog 4 times because I continually spell “shrinky dinks” with out the R, reading Shinky Dinks.

Welcome to the blogging home of The Lazy Learner podcast! The Lazy Learner is planned to have its world premier in mid July. Stay tuned for exciting information about the first podcast and how you can experience lazy learning by sitting back and listening!