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I sat down with the National Lutheran Choir Artistic Director, David Cherwien, and Choir President, Katherine Castille to discuss the All Saints Program, the history and the impact it has on the the choir members and those that attend the All Saints concerts. For more information about the National Lutheran Choir please visit You can also find their music on iTunes or Spotify.

Here is the link to the streaming version of the podcast, or as always, you can listen and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

The recording of Lord God, You Have Called Your Servants sung by the National Lutheran Choir in this podcast was used with permission.


I have spent about 4 months dealing, or not dealing, with the death of my Grandmother. The looming Halloween holiday, originally meant as a day to celebrate the dead, threw me into thinking about death and how we process grief. I knew I had grief  but I didn’t know what to do with it. How do I process it? I sat down with my friend Katie and she talked (while I cried) about her friend, Heather, their relationship, her sudden death and how those events and everything in between have shaped the person she is today. We hope that while you may not learn about a topic during this episode that you are able to relate to her story in a way that helps you.

Here is the link to the streaming version of the podcast, or as always you can listen and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

The next episode that will be released this week will discuss the All Saints holiday in the Christian religion and how a musical organization incorporates this holiday into their concert series as a service to provide healing to those dealing with death in their life.

Jenn, my roommate joins me for a conversation about personality assessments; ie: Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DISC assessment, Strength Finder, and a couple others. We also discuss the 5 Love Languages.

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Links to Personality Assessments

Special thanks to Spider of Overheard Podcast *explicit content* for making it so I could use my corrupted  audio files.