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I sat down with the National Lutheran Choir Artistic Director, David Cherwien, and Choir President, Katherine Castille to discuss the All Saints Program, the history and the impact it has on the the choir members and those that attend the All Saints concerts. For more information about the National Lutheran Choir please visit You can also find their music on iTunes or Spotify.

Here is the link to the streaming version of the podcast, or as always, you can listen and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

The recording of Lord God, You Have Called Your Servants sung by the National Lutheran Choir in this podcast was used with permission.


Spider Mann, host of The Overheard Podcast, and my inspiration to begin this artistic venture, joins me on my patio for the first installment of The Lazy Learner podcast.  We discuss the do’s and don’ts of podcasting, why someone would want and how they change their name to Spider N Mann, and what makes him do what he does with his podcast. For those of you that are familiar with Spider’s talking, you will be surprised he does not swear one bit in this whole episode! It’s a miracle… or something like that.

Click here to stream the podcast or down load the MP3.

Enjoy the first episode and stay tuned to find out more about the next topics for you to learn about!