I love learning things but I do not like reading. It’s not that I condone illiteracy, or aliteracy for that matter, or that I do not appreciate the importance of reading as a skill,  it’s just not the way I learn.  Then there’s the slightly annoying falling asleep after reading for 10 minutes thing that seems to happen regularly. Leaving it virtually impossible to remember what I read which catapults me into a cycle that gets me no where.

The category of learning style I would fit in is the tangible which includes hands on, visual or aural activities; then add a personal connection with someone to exponentially increase my retention rate for information.

When you learn something from someone it deepens an already existing relationship and if you don’t know a person it is an amazing way to get to know someone. This reminds me of that terrible/awesome Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker movie Failure to LaunchHere, watch this video:

That was a mild derail, but you get the connection. Derails happen sometimes. It keeps life and conversations interesting. Back to what I’m doing here.

I’ve always wanted to try radio, but that’s a weird industry to get into (or so I’ve been told) and I would likely be forced to play music that would make me sad. So I decided, with some inspiration of a friend I made via the interwebs, to start my own podcast and just do what I wanted and talk about things I wanted to talk about. My friend, Spider Mann (yes his real name) has a podcast and you can find it here, but be warned. It is NOT PG, it’s more like a super R+ rating. He likes to swear a lot and talk about gross things and sometimes he sounds really mean, he’s really not. If that’s not your gig, don’t go there, but if you don’t mind it, you’ll LOVE his podcasts and enjoy his short story(ies) which you can find on Amazon.

After a couple conversations with Spider and seeing this youtube video, Mr. Rogers Remix, PBS pumped out (watch it below), I decided to venture this summer and thus the The Lazy Learner seed was planted. I can’t wait for some gardens to start growing and flourishing in the gardens of our minds!

The idea is to talk to people and learn things about a wide variety of topics. Learn by talking and doing with people. The podcasts will be those conversations and this website/blog will accompany those conversations. One thing you can count on is a PG friendly environment for learning. In the instance there may be more sensitive topics, I will post a advisory message on the podcast and also have it included in the beginning of the podcast.

I sincerely hope you enjoy learning with me and click on that contact area to let me know about something you would like to learn about. I’m not making any guarantees, but I’m absolutely open to ideas! Come, be lazy with me!